Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finally, a chance to catch up…

As you can see, it has been a while since I have posted here on this blog. There are many reasons for this, and while I make no excuses, I will offer a few explanations.

To begin with, there has been little to write about that would offer more than a sentence or two. Since (in my opinion) this would make for less-than-stimulating reading for my readers, I have remained silent.

Another thing that kept me away is a situation that arose within the household. My wife needed retinal surgery and the operation was performed on June third of this year. This required several trips to Halifax; once for an examination, once for the surgery, and a number of follow-up examinations. If any of you have had this operation, or know someone who has had it, you will know that the recovery requires the patient to remain very still for an extended period of time, gradually returning to a normal life. (Although “normal” surely changes for someone who has experienced this) Again, blogging “I put drops in her eye again,” would have bored you all to tears so I didn’t bother. I am happy to report that as of her last appointment on August third, she is in full recovery and “normal” can once again be attempted.

The weather this summer in our little corner of the world has been less than conducive to adventure and exciting things to write about. Rain, cold, wind; we’ve experienced it all with very little sunshine and warm temperatures. Mosquitoes rule the backyard this year, and everyone’s short-tempered and listless. By this time last year, I had over a thousand kilometres on my bicycle, and if I’ve managed five hundred this year it would be a miracle. I’ve done a couple of important (to me at least) rides; The Ride of Silence, which I lead in May, The Heartland Tour in July. I took part in a Canada Day parade with Velo Cape Breton followed by a ride around Edwardsville/Point Edward/Northwest Arm which was fun and invigorating. But besides a few one-hour rides locally and an afternoon of “noodling” around, I haven’t really been out much.

I started physiotherapy to begin re-building my body after a back injury in October. This has only served to verify my awkwardness and reinforce the knowledge that while I am seeing some improvement, it will be an ongoing process, and I am plagued with insecurity and doubt. That I believe is an inherited behaviour.

Finally, Bad Habits have been steady, but not too much really exciting work has come our way aside from the week of Seaside Daze in Dominion NS. That was really fun and we got two nights out of it, the best of which was the Fireworks display on July thirty-first. While the evening started out cool and breezy, it warmed up once the wind calmed and we had a blast (pun intended) playing and watching the fireworks, which was reported to be the best in the CBRM. I have included a picture of myself (as well as a video) taken during that show. It seems fairly obvious that I really DO love playing my drums.

~Still Wandering…

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