Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wandering Along

Much has happened since my last post. I have been working full time at Los Cabos Drumsticks since the 7th of September. This has all been a great deal of adjustment on so many levels... Besides the new job, there are new hours, (I start work at 8:00 A.M. As a musician, I used to go to bed at 3:30 - 4:00 A.M.) a new address, new lifestyle, and new shopping habits. It has left me with less time with which to do certain things like maintain this blog. Monday night, I was frustrated and angry with all the things I felt I had to accomplish before I went to bed. But here it is Wednesday and some (most) of those things are still undone, and no one has died or been badly mutilated as a result. So the things of great importance are not so important in the end.

In the weeks since I have moved to Fredericton, I have had many ideas for blog entries, and today, I can think of none of them. That is not to say that they weren't important or meaningful, but to say that I seem to have reached a level of contentment where I don't seem to have to say anything about anything. I do not look forward to the cold weather we will soon be experiencing, but being here, closer to my family will more than compensate for any discomfort I may be forced to endure.

~Still Wandering...