Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wandering in Social Networks.

Sometimes, as I wait for my ride to the office, I have random thoughts that seem to come from nowhere. Occasionally these thoughts go somewhere that seems to make sense. Such is the case of my Friday morning musings.

One of my duties at work is to maintain the company's Twitter site. (For those of you who use twitter, we're loscabossticks) I have frequently wondered exactly what Twitter was and how it could help our business. After all,drummers don't go on Twitter to buy sticks, nor do they get listings of the retailers or manufacturers there.

For years there have been "Social Networking Sites;" Hi-5, My Space, Facebook... They seemed to me to be all silly and a sort of waste of time. But as I stood in the cool morning air Friday morning, something else became apparent to me. They're online hugs!

We've all become so wrapped up in our work schedules, our families, the distance we all live from our friends, and our fear of being outside our homes, that online social networking sites have become our preferred method of staying in touch.

I myself have many friends I no longer see because I have moved since I last saw them, but I've reconnected with them through Facebook. In some cases, I've communicated with a friend through Facebook more than I did when we lived in the same town.

The most important fact though, is that we manage to stay in touch. Occasionally, we manage to get together in person and have a coffee or take a bike ride together.

While it's preferable to meet face to face, and share friendship in person, if that's unavailable, take advantage of the technology and share some online hugs with the people you care about.

Hugs everyone!

~Still Wandering...

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